Whitehall Public Transportation

Address: PO Box 446 / 313 W Legion Avenue
City: Whitehall, MT 59759
Phone: (406) 287-3156
Contact: Paula Hippert, Transportation Manager

Whitehall Public Transportation Profile

Whitehall Public Transportation is a program operating under Liberty Place, Inc.(LPI), a 501c nonprofit corporation, which provides services for those who have incurred traumatic brain injuries. LPI operates two assisted living facilities in Whitehall, MT and one in Belgrade, MT.

​Whitehall Public Transportation (WPT) started services on July 1, 2011. It remains the only provider of transit for the general public in the greater Whitehall, MT area.

​WPT services a good number of Whitehall residents and senior citizens who would otherwise be isolated without the services we provide. Our focus is first on medical and therapy appointments with trips for other basic life necessities such as nutrition, shopping, recreation/social, education and employment, including Vocational Rehabilitation.

Whitehall Public Transportation Files

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